About Sun-Ho

Vision. Passion. Dedication. Transcendence. Verisimilitude. Sesquipedalian. These are all words.

Sun-Ho is a filmmaker residing in Los Angeles who hopes one day to be important enough to have someone else write about him so he won't have to refer to himself in third person, as much as he loves doing so. 

In the meantime, he edits and directs visually-driven media because he really likes finding stories and telling them. He has worked with many great clients and fellow filmmakers and is always looking for more enticing projects. 

Here are some more words. And phrases. 

Denver. Abilene, TX. Seoul. Korean-American. Food, especially the meats. Travel, for extended periods. Rock climbing. Pour-over coffee. Fiction and non-fiction literature. Superfluousness. Digression. Dragons. Babies. Baby dragons. 


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